Fromm Diane Heated Gel Cap

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The reusable Fromm Gel Cap heats up in the microwave in 1 minute. No cords. Great for deep conditioning treatments and curl setting. Heat stays in cap to deeply moisturize your hair. Perfect for deep conditioning with oil, hair masks and other treatments. You can lay the gel cap on a achy spot on your body or use to stay warm during those cold winter days like some of us do. The cap is waterproof. Heat stays in for 10-25 minutes. There is no need for electrical outlets or batteries! The cap is cordless and warms up by simply placing it into the microwave, and heating it up to the desired temperature.

Heating Tip:
Laying it on it's side with the elastic together heating it for 30 secs on that side, then flip it over and heat for 30 secs on the other side, The heat is much more equally distributed.
Be careful not to heat it too much - it can burn you.

- Black
- Cordless, Non electric
- Heat activated
- Microwaveable
- Wipe clean with a wet cloth
- Reusable
- Elastic band fits most

For your hair:
Say goodbye to damaged, dull or frizzy hair! The Heated Gel Conditioning Cap will increase the effectiveness of your hair treatments by using cordless heat along with your hair care treatment to deep condition your hair. Simply place in the microwave for 30 second intervals, up to 90 seconds. The warm cap seals in product and helps deep condition hair, leaving it beautifully soft and shiny. Perfect for deep conditioning with oil, hair masks, and other treatments. Best used on top of a clear plastic cap.

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