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Bather Box Dog Wash System

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Formerly named BathMaster. The newly re-designed unit is now named Bather Box. Same product but even better and easier to use. This is NOT a re-circulator pump that reuses dirty water. It uses fresh water from start to finish!

Spray Nozzle provides an excellent pattern and pressure for both washing and rinsing pet.

Has a 4-Product Selection Dial which allows you to choose from 4 different liquid products. The Bather Box allows you to bathe dogs and cats in a fraction of the time of hand bathing, totally with ease! This high-quality, commercial grade system also saves you money in shampoo and conditioner usage while enhancing shampoos ability to cut through oil and dirt.

Convenient On/Off Valve allows you to select clean, rinse or turn system off. Soft and Supple hose makes bathing easier on the wrists.

The Bather Box accu-mixer accurately mixes the precise amount of shampoo and conditioner to efficiently get the job done. This unit will work on your kitchen faucet, bathtub, shower or an outside faucet.

The pressure depends on your water pressure. For this unit to work effectively, you must have at least 25 LBS of water pressure. The newer plumbing can handle this system. Most older buildings that have original plumbing may not be able to produce enough water pressure. Works great for personal use, mobile grooming vans and pet grooming shops.

To hang the Bather Box unit. Take off the front panel. You will see 2 hole slots on top back and 2 hole slots on bottom back. If you have a solid wall, just use screws. If you have a sheet rock wall, you will need to use anchors and screws.

Unit runs at approximately 3 gallons a minute water usage. Depending on pressure and some variables, but it will be close to that. Will use approximately 1-1/2 to 2 ounces of shampoo per dog. Normal time to shampoo a dog is 3 minutes. Varies by amount of hair, how dirty dog is, size of dog, and metering tip used.

The wire rack on the wall, shown in the photo above is sold separately. Wire wall rack holds four 1 gallon bottles of shampoo and/or conditioner.

Easy to set-up and use:
- No electricity. Uses your water pressure
- Cuts bathing time in half
- Gets pets cleaner
- Saves money with accurate measuring of shampoo
- Enhances shampoo's ability to cut through oil and dirt
- Makes bathing pets easier and more enjoyable
- Non-recirculating system
- Assures fresh water and shampoo mixture only on the animals coat
- Soft and Supple hose makes bathing easier on the wrists
- Twists nozzle to turn on and off
- No rental, you own it and you don't have to purchase our shampoos or conditioners
- One year manufactures warranty

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