Dramm Handi Grip Handle, 9-Pattern Sprayer Nozzle

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The Handi-wand that feels comfortable and smooth. Great for small and large hands. Spray pattern is easily adjusted from a shower to cone pattern by turning the spray head. Filter screen reduces nozzle plugging. Fits a standard 3/4" standard water garden hose. Great for use in dog bathing, watering plants, lawns, washing autos and more....

Grip Handle:
The Handi-Grip Cushioned Soft Handle provides comfort when watering directly from your water hose. It is also perfect for using with the spray head nozzle. The six inch long grip is encased in a padded foam grip. Made in the USA. from aluminum. 3/4 male and female hose threads. This handle does not have a shut off.

Spray Nozzle:
DRAMM Kaleidoscope 9 Pattern Spray Head nozzle attaches to any standard garden hose or faucet hose and features a variety of spray patterns are at your fingertips. Water can spray in a flat spray, a jet stream, a gentle mist, shower and many more for ultimate versatility in customized dog bathing or watering. Each setting alters the water pressure slightly to best meet your needs. The head is constructed of rugged plastic and will withstand years of indoor or outdoor use. Sprayer combines versatility and durability.

  • 9 different spray patterns: flat, fan, jet stream, shower, rain, center, cone, angle and mist.
  • Made from heavy-duty rugged hard plastic
  • Available color is black

Kaleidoscope Sprayer Nozzle:
- Dimensions: 2.25" diameter x 2" L
- Pattern: Quick-click pattern changing
- Mounting: Garden hose thread type
- Construction: Hard plastic

NOTE: Optional Heavy Duty Shut-Off Valve available for this item.

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