Edemco Dryer R802 Brushes for F887, F2001, F2002-2, F2002SC, F87000, F89000

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Edemco carbon top and plastic bottom brush set. Edemco recommends replacing motor brushes every 6 months or 500 hours of use, whichever comes first. 2 brushes per pack. We never know which color we will receive, black or orange. Edemco R802 Carbon Brushes for Edemco NRS Dryers.

Replacement brushes for NRS dryers listed below:
- F887 - (2 sets needed)
- F2002SC - (1 set needed)
- F2002-2 - (1 set needed)
- F87000 - (2 sets needed)
- F89000 - (2 sets needed)
- F2001 older dryers that have a plastic housing (body).

- For newer 2001 dryers that have a metal housing (body), use the R833 brushes.

How to change your dryer brushes. Click here to View Video.
There is a little metal clip slid down into the housing of the brush with a wire from the motor attached to it. Use a flathead screw driver to wiggle the clip out. Unscrew the piece of metal holding the brush to the motor and replace the brush and the clip.


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