ProGuard No-Sit Haunch Holder Dual Loop

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This keeps them standing in comfort. An indispensable product for all bath tub and grooming arm uses. Our No-Sit Haunch Holder is the safe, comfortable and easy way to prevent pets from sitting or lying down while working on stomach and backside areas. ProGuard No-Sit Haunch Holder Dual Loop relieves stress and standing fatigue in older arthritic animals and helps control overly or excitable pets from excessive moving. Covered completely with a special soft cushion protection and will not rip, pull or rub pets hair around their neck.

- Measures 22" and 25" in length
- Clips to grooming arms
- Won't fray, Tear apart, absorb dirt or odor
- Use to hold head and haunches when grooming
- For small to medium large sized dogs

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