Proguard Tough Tuffie Muzzles

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Newest design has a unique never before seen allowing normal breathing & freedom for aggressive dogs. This design allows the animal to open their mouth and breathe normally. These newly designed Tough Tuffie Muzzle versions have padded protection specifically designed for both dog and handler. Proguard series of muzzles is far superior to the standard coffee cup muzzle and will provide extra protection against frontal dog bites. It's extra sturdy shape remains semi stiff and is an excellent choice for any pet with a long nose and aggression problems.  Includes colored hard plastic inserts to keep your muzzle in perfect shape!

Available in four sizes. Also,sold as a set of 4 which includes one of each size.

- Used for military
- Outstanding wear and performance
- Lightweight toughness
- Care: Hand wash, hang dry
- Works great for mild aggressive dogs

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